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Mitten im Grünen - mitten im Hunsrück


The Hunsrück region enjoys a unique setting, enclosed by the rivers Moselle, Nahe, Saar and Rhine. It is popular with travellers and is one of the most beautiful low mountain ranges in Germany. The natural landscape of the region comprises forests, meadows and river valleys.

Hiking, cycling, nature, culture, cuisine and winter sport - there are plenty of tourist destinations just waiting to be explored in the Hunsrück: 

Hiking: Hiking or trekking? Some of Germany's most scenic hiking trails are located  in the Hunsrück: the Saar-Hunsrück Climb and the Soonwaldsteig Trail.                                                                                                                 


Cycling: Explore the cycle paths of the Hunsrück. Connecting routes also enable you to reach the Moselle Cycle Route, or allow you to link through to a cycle tour along the Rhine.




Nature: National parks and nature parks are only created in areas where the unique scenic beauty has been preserved. The Hunsrück is home to the only nationalpark in Rhineland-Palatinate and to one of the largest nature parks in Germany, and also to one of the youngest.



Culture: Culture is an experience in the Hunsrück. Discover small-scale events such as farmers' markets, or large events such as the Nature One (festival of electronic music), and explore the history of the region in countless museums and castles. The Roads of the Romans links Roman elements in the Hunsrück with Roman attractions on the Moselle, in the Eifel region, in Saarland, and in Luxembourg.


Cuisine: Culinary events such as the "à la région" gourmet festival are very popular here. In the Hunsrück, visitors can also try wines from the neighbouring regions of Moselle, the Middle Rhine and Nahe. And the regional brands provide plenty of local Hunsrück produce to sample.



Winter sports: We can't guarantee snow, but if there is some, we can promise you plenty of skiing fun in the Hunsrück! If there is sufficient snow, why not go Alpine skiing on the Erbeskopf mountain? Or tobogganing in the Dollberge mountains? And if there is a good fall of snow, the Hunsrück can also be explored on a whole host of  marked cross-country ski trails.